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Dr. Sternberg is in high demand as a keynote speaker for her combination of academic credibility, passion for science, compassion as a physician, and ability to make complex subjects highly accessible to a wide range of audiences. She lectures nationally and internationally to lay and professional audiences including scientific audiences and is frequently interviewed on radio, television, web and in print media on subjects including:

  • the science of the mind-body connection
  • stress and illness, belief and wellness
  • integrative – mind-body – medicine and health
  • spirituality, health and wellness
  • the role of place in health and wellbeing
  • designing for workplace wellbeing
  • embedding the seven domains of integrative health into the built environment (workplace, home, school)

Equally at ease and compelling in keynoting audiences as varied as lay, corporate, and scientific audiences. Her appearances include:

  • The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Healthcare Workers
  • The Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute
  • Fortune 500 Companies’ Chief Medical Officers
  • Walk21 Ireland
  • Philanthropic fund-raisers
  • Medical and Design professional associations (Greenbuild, American Institute of Architects National Convention)
  • Scientific audiences
  • Religious organizations


Dr. Sternberg’s many honors include:

  • Recognition by the National Library of Medicine as one of the women physicians who Changed the Face of Medicine.
  • The Anita Roberts National Institutes of Health Distinguished Woman Scientist Lectureship.
  • The FDA Commissioner’s Special Citation.
  • U.S. Public Service Award.
  • Honorary Doctorate in Medicine from Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Member and Chair of the National Library of Medicine’s Board of Regents.
  • Judge, Templeton Prize, The John Templeton Foundation.

Dr. Sternberg advises and collaborates with the US General Services Administration, the American Institute of Architects, and the US Green Building Council on the impact of the built environment and sustainable design on health and wellbeing.

Creating Healthy Workspaces (February 2019)

Healing Spaces – The Science of Place and Well-Being

Why Place and Well-Being Are At the New Frontier of Medicine

Human Emotions


Your talk at the Intentional Spaces Summit was so inspiring and thought provoking!

—Laura Bradley McCoy
Growth Manager
The Change Agents, Rockville Maryland

Dr. Sternberg’s presentation, “Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-being”, provides an understanding of how places, like sounds and smells, can not only trigger memories and emotions, but our ability to heal ourselves. The use of her own incredible life experience with healing draws the audience in and helps each person leave with a commitment to pay more attention to the where in their lives.

—Christina M. Rossetti, MSW
Rossetti Consulting Group
Conference Participant

Dr. Esther Sternberg proved to be the most engaging and accomplished speaker we have ever heard at a conference. She was informative, knowledgeable and made an effort to not only be a wonderful keynote speaker, but took the time to be an active participant at our Neuroscience conference as well!

—Roy J. Thurston Ph.D.
University of Mississippi

Dr. Esther Sternberg is not only a renowned neuroscientist, but also an internationally recognized scholar whose collaborative research has led to major discoveries regarding how the interactions between mind, body, stress, and environment affect both illness and healing.

As Dean of the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, and with the support from the university’s Health Science Center and the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. I had the honor, privilege, and pleasure of serving as the host for her public lecture on “Healing Space: The Science of Place and Well-Being,” which she delivered to students and faculty across the university, as well as to members of our local community, in a most inspiring and thought provoking manner, leaving me with a strong motivation for furthering a dialogue and an exploration of potential collaborations.

Dr. Sternberg has a unique ability to communicate scientifically based topics of great complexity to lay persons, to practicing professionals, and to members of the academic community.

In my opinion, she truly transcends self, with a unique transdisciplinary, transinstitutional, and transnational perspective on how physical environments can heal.

—Dr. Jorge A. Vanegas
Dean, College of Architecture
Professor, Department of Architecture
Texas A&M University
And Research Professor,
Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)
Texas A&M University System

Dr. Esther Sternberg spoke at the inaugural McGill Complementary Health Symposium in June 2016. Her talk was amazing and received some of the best feedback we had for the day. She is a fantastic speaker and we were so honored and grateful that she could be present with us. We could not have done it without her!

Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine
McGill University

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The Expert in Mind-Body-Stress-Wellness-Environment Interrelationships

Dr. Sternberg

Dr. Sternberg offers keynote presentations, public speaking engagements, and literature regarding the science of mind-body interaction in illness and healing and the role of the built and natural environment on health and wellbeing. To get in touch with Dr. Sternberg, please use this form.

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