August 15th, 2016

Templeton prize

I had flown to London to attend the Templeton Prize Ceremony honoring Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks – former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. In the Jewish faith, there is no Pope. Each congregation’s Rabbi is fairly independent. But among Conservative Hebrew congregations across Britain and its former colonies – the Commonwealth, the Chief Rabbi is about as close to a political faith leader that there is. I was invited to attend the ceremony because I…


August 8th, 2016

LG Smart Garden

The Chelsea garden themes were as varied as the riots of color and different plants displayed: historic gardens, commemorative gardens (for the Queen’s 90th birthday), squares of different plants of matching colors, and squares of similar plants of different colors – roses, orchids, tulips – it went on and on. Then there were wilder plantings, like woodland meadows. Some were unique – an old mill next to a stream with a bucket of colored wool spilling out, surrounded by plants for…


August 1st, 2016

Chelsea Flower Show for Part 1 photo 2-3

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show certainly lived up to the hype. The crowds made it pretty clear that it is one of the best-loved spring events in London, and the stunning and varied gardens across the immense grounds were a feast for the eyes and spirit. Laid out behind the vendors’ alley way in colorful squares outdoors, and inside the huge tent in the center of the grounds, were hundreds of gardens, each with a different theme. One of the most eye catching was…


July 25th, 2016

Chelsea Flower Show

On my way into town from Heathrow Airport, the taxi passed parades of ladies and gentlemen dressed as if in a British television series – men in frock coats, top hats, or suits, and ladies wearing hats. There were large pastel-colored fine straw hats and little ones trimmed with feathers and netting, perched on ladies’ heads at coquettish angles. As we approached my hotel in the St. James District of London, more and more elegant people appeared. They all seemed to be streaming in the…


July 18th, 2016

Lake Champlain

During a recent interview, Tucson radio show host, Rabbi Cohon asked me what it is about water that is so healing (listen to PART 1, PART 2). Water seemed to him to be a common feature of many of the more than one hundred and forty sacred healing sites around the world, which he had visited the previous year. There is no question that water – seeing it, smelling it, hearing it, being in it, can calm and help heal. Perhaps ancient peoples recognized the hygienic effects of water. Swimming…